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Artist Blog & Design Debuts!

Your first stop for Lady Lindsay's Creations News!

Welcome to Lady Lindsay's Creations' Blog!

July 17, 2018

Good morning & welcome to the inaugural blog post from Lady Lindsay'​s Creations.

What to write? Let's start off with some updates!

This blog is going to serve as an announcement page for everything from LLC's Studio. Seasonal products, promos, contests/giveaways, as well as collaborations, artist interviews, design debuts & studio insights. Anything that is produced from Lady Lindsay's Creations will show here first, so be sure to bookmark this page!

LLC is all over social media! The YouTube channel offers insight into the production of all of our creations through timelapse videos. 

Our Facebook page offers opportunities to stay connected during any event that prevents access to this web page (i.e. power outages here in the forest), to enter giveaways, and express your LLC love or ideas via comments & direct messaging. This applies also to our Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest accounts.

August 2018 commissions are now being scheduled!

Commissions to be scheduled for processing during the month of August are being scheduled now until July 31, 2018. You can send a place a request here, here, or here, so get them in fast before project processing times fill up!

Curious about past projects? Visit our Gallery to get a feel for our handcrafted, quality, one of a kind products.

Questions about ordering? Visit our Policies page! An answer not found to your question? Please let us know what is on your mind by clicking here!

Sketch Art!

Today's images are preview designs for future LLC products. Keep an eye out for buttons, keychains, and tshirts, with LLC Studios original artwork gracing them. Debut dates are TBD.

Thank you for enjoying Lady Lindsay's Creations' first blog! Remember to keep magic in your hearts!

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Welcome to Lady Lindsay's Creations' Blog!

Friday October 5, 2018

Instagram Challenges:

#DrawThisInYourStyle & Inktober 2018

This month welcomes many new creations, as well as some new mediums being introduced to the Lady Lindsay's Creations repertoire. They will be posted here all month long, on the LLC Instagram page., as well as in a new digital art gallery on this website TBA at a later date.

The #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge shares ideas and designs among fellow creative in order to not only challenge an artists skill level, but also to have artists think outside of the box in terms of their concepts & interact with each other on a communal level.

For the month of September (and a bit into October), the #DrawThisInYourStyle campaign on Instagram has seen a handful of new digital paintings from Lindsay Gordon. Two new pieces have debuted with inspiration from fellow artists Jess Bernadette and The Artistic Feline. An upcoming painting will debut this weekend inspired by artist Erika Wiseman.

The Inktober challenge was created by artist Jake Parker in 2009 to improve his own inking skills, as well as develop some positive drawing habits. Since then, it has grown to become a worldwide event with thousands of artists participating every year. Ever year, there is a new prompt list & 2018's is as follows:

1. poisonous   11. cruel         21. drain

2. tranquil       12. whale        22. expensive

3. roasted        13. guarded    23. muddy

4. spell             14. clock         24. chop

5. chicken        15. weak         25. prickly

6. drooling       16. angular     26. stretch

7. exhausted    17. swollen     27. thunder

8. star               18. bottle        28. gift

9. precious       19. scorched  29. double

10. flowing        20. breakable 30. jolt     31. slice

The first two contributions from Lindsay Gordon can be found here on the Lady Lindsay's Creations Instagram page!

Happy October and crisp weather, 

pumpkin spice lattes, and trick-or-treating!!

Inktober, Inktober 2018, Jake Parker, Instagram, Digital Art, Sketch, Paint, Artist, Autumn, Night, Campfire, Moon

Welcome to Lady Lindsay's Creations' Blog!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Holiday Sale 2018

It's that time of year again! The annual Lady Lindsay's Creations Holiday sale is here. Favorite items and designs will be on sale starting November 22, 2018 and will end at midnight November 27, 2018.

This year's sale will have items such as beanie hats, amigurumi, and many pixel items will be between 20% and 50% off the original pricing. In order to get the sale pricing, you must use the "ad to cart" buttons from the sale pages

Custom amigurumi orders will also be on sale at 30% off the estimated price (materials + processing time). In order to receive 30% off your custom order, fill out our Contact Us form here and be sure to mention the Holiday Sale in your request!

The sale pages will go live at 12:01 am on November 22nd. So, be sure to bookmark this page or the homepage

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Welcome to Lady Lindsay's Creations' Blog!

Monday, May 27, 2019

New Products!

Introducing Wallpapers created by Lady Lindsay's Creations photography! 

Based upon nature and the fantastical, these wallpapers will give your PC or mobile device a little piece of magic. 

All images are produced & owned by Lady Lindsay's Creations and are an easy download that will be sent via email 24 hour after purchase! These wallpapers will be for sale on the Lady Lindsay's Creations' Ebay Shop for only 99 cents!! 

Questions? Contact us by clicking here.

Don't wait to grab your own wallpaper today!