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Cherry Blossom Pixel Art

*Made from 100% acrylic beads

*8.75 in (22cm) x 7.75 in (19cm)

*Includes a sawtooth hook on the reverse side of the pixel art for easy wall mounting.

*International buyers: please contact prior to purchase for specific shipping prices for your region.

Cherry Blossom Pixel Art
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Mudkip Pixel Art

"So I hear you like Midkipz" 

Catch this water type starter Pokémon from the Hoenn region and make sure he stays secure in your home or office!

*Made from 100% plastic beads. Not recommended as a toy for children under 6 years of age. 

*The Pixel Sprite is 1ft x 9.75 inches.

*Includes a sawtooth picture of the reverse side of the sprite for easy wall mounting.

*This is a stock photo. Each Sprite is handmade, so they may be slightly different than the photo.

Mudkip Pixel Art
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